Vice President

Career Development Chair

Tess Buchanan

Class: 2023

Major: 3A – urban planning and sustainable design

Research Interests: biodegradable polymers

Favorite Materials: shape memory polymers

Other Interests: frisbee

Kirmina Monir

Class: 2024

Major: 3

Research Interests: polymers, biomaterials

Favorite Material: PLGA-PEG-PLGA triblock

Priya Ganesh

Class: 2023

Major: 3

Research Interests: polymers, biomaterials, drug delivery

Favorite Material: Teflon

Other Interests: running, playing clarinet


Career Development Chair

Social Chair

Social Chair

Eyosias Gebremeskel

Class: 2023

Major: 3 & 6-2

Research Interests: solar cells, solid-state batteries, superconducting materials

Favorite Materials: water

Other Interests: language learning, cinematography, cooking, running

Sierra Green

Class: 2024

Major: 3 & 21M

Research Interests: sustainable metallurgy, electrochemistry, sulfide chemistry, aerospace

Favorite Materials: iron and chocolate

Other Interests: music (plays violin and ukulele), running, cooking, sailing, painting and drawing, hiking

Lauryn Kortman

Apparels and Commons Chair

Apparel and Commons Chair

Apparels and Commons Chair​

Joshua Glass

Mishael Quraishi

Class: 2025

Major: 3A or 3C

Research Interests: archaeology, metallurgy

Favorite Materials: copper

Other Interests: rowing

Kimberley Cheng


Publicity Chair

Outreach Chair & Jr. Rep

Senior Rep

Katherine Lei

Class: 2024

Major: 3 & 21S

Research Interests: biomaterials, nanomaterials

Favorite Materials: soil

Other Interests: volleyball

Daniel Tong

Class: 2024

Major: 3

Research Interests: environmental tech (carbon capture + sequestration, biomaterials, etc)

Favorite Materials: osmium and any raw ore

Other Interests: cooking and skating

Sara Fernandez

Sophomore Rep

Luke Jain